“God is Good”

“Victory Belongs to Jesus.” – Abundant Life Choir

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*God is so Awesome!!!!!

“God was Not Ready For Me”
I remember back in July 2016. I was involved in a major car accident. My car was completely totaled, beyond repair. The paramedics were amazed that the only thing I had was a bloody nose. No broken bones at all and no internal damage. When you looked at my car, you would have thought I was dead and gone, but God…… He was not ready for me yet. He kept me in the midst of the storm. I thank Him constantly for sparing my life yet again. Not because of the good I think I do, but because of the good I know He does. So I am eternally grateful and do not take life for granted. Instead, I live my life knowing that I will be epic!!!!!! – DiVonta Desean Palmer